Justin Estrada

Justin Estrada

I make awesome applications for people like you.

🛥 Self Made 💻 Software Developer @ Taylor Digital Taylor Digital Taylor Digital MyDigitalSauce

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Justin Estrada's professional skills with a 1 - 10 rating

HTML 10/10 CSS 10/10 WordPress Dev 10/10 JavaScript 8/10 PHP 8/10 Adobe Suite 8/10 Photoshop 8/10 jQuery 8/10 Angular 7/10 Ionic Framework 7/10 TypeScript 7/10 Material Design 7/10 Git (VCS) 7/10 Shopify Dev 7/10 MySQL 6/10 Product Dev 6/10 C++ 6/10

Marinara Blog

Marinara Blog is a minimal and modern blog theme artfully sculpted for your personal or professional blogs.

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