Justin Estrada is a Front End Developer with several years experience, specializing in TypeScript, Microsoft Azure, Ionic Framework, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and jQuery. Proven track record in developing, constructing, and managing client websites and mobile applications, with a portfolio that includes work for high-profile clients such as Flame Broiler, Paladin Power, Virgin Orbit and Zopto LinkedIn Automation. Brings a meticulous approach to coding and design, ensuring seamless user experiences and robust backend functionality.

Employment History


President & Lead Developer, Estrada Enterprises LLC, Missoula, MT

At Estrada Enterprises, we specialize in the development, construction, and management of numerous client websites and mobile applications. Our client acquisition strategy primarily involves cultivating business relationships and leveraging direct referrals. As a teamofthreeprofessionals, we possess the expertisetoefficiently developwebsitesandmobile applications to meet client specifications. Our clientele predominantly consists of eCommerce businesses utilizing platforms such as WooCommerce or Shopify, often integrating our proprietary multi-tiered affiliate software.

DEC 2022 – OCT 2023

Ionic React Application Developer, Paladin Power Inc, Temecula, CA

As an Ionic React Mobile Application Developer at Paladin Power Inc, an Energy Storage Solutions company, I spearheaded the development of a unified codebase capable of deployment across iOS, Android, and Web platforms. Employing Figma, I meticulously crafted the project’s design. For user authentication and registration, I integrated Microsoft Azure Keycloak seamlessly. I developed and implemented the Home screen, illustrating the intricate flow of energy from Solar Panels to Battery Storage and onward to both the Home and Grid. Additionally, I engineered data Analytics screens, facilitating the visualization of pertinent data through dynamic graphs covering daily, monthly, and yearly periods. Integral to the application’s functionality are the Account screens I developed, enabling users to manage their emails, passwords, and other personal information effectively. Furthermore, I engineered user role functionalities, empowering diverse user groups to oversee multiple systems with tailored access privileges.

Software Engineer, SourceStrike / Republix (Acquired SourceStrike), Irvine, CA

MAR 2019 – DEC 2022

At SourceStrike, I specialized in the development, construction, and management of numerous client websites and mobile applications. I expertly and efficiently developed websites and mobile applications meeting client specifications. My extensive list of clients included Virgin Orbit, SRS Real Estate Partners, UBRI Ripple, P448 Italian Shoes, Flame Broiler, Tubular Labs and dozens more.

SEP 2017 – JAN 2019

Developer, Taylor Digital, San Clemente, CA

These are a couple of the projects I built during my time at Taylor Digital:

  • West Coast Roofing is an Android tablet and web application that manages clients, properties, and inspections. Users create roof inspections. The app auto generates cost sheets and reports. Tech stack: Ionic Framework, Angular, TypeScript, and Lumen
  • Lawyers Mutual is a continued learning education platform for California lawyers. Lawyers complete activity items earning mandatory credit. Lawyers can view transcripts and auto generated certificates. Developed a real-time sync for user data between local and external servers. Tech stack: WordPress, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and more.
  • CalTax is an education website for tax professionals to purchase seminars, webinars and tax documents. Tech stack: WordPress, WooCommerce, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and more