HeadTalker.com is a one of a kind Crowdspeaking platform. Users can create a campaign with a Linkedin, Facebook, Twiter or Tunblr account. Users have full campaign customization abilities. HeadTalker admins have a custom backend where all the site details are readily available with full details of all the campaigns and users. The user back-end allows creators to see their draft, pending and published campaigns. Campaigns creators can perform updates and users can comment with Facebook on campaigns. Every category page has a JS ajax load more ensuring scale-ability.

In my beginning programming days I created a startup called HeadTalker with two other friends. We coined the term "Crowdspeaking", which is similar to crowdfunding but instead of users adding funds to a project users add "social reach". This is a WordPress platform allows users to create crowdspeaking campaigns, buy and sell social reach in a marketplace and participate in campaign giveaways.Here's an example campaign: https://headtalker.com/campaigns/battle-net/